13. April 2020: Chubby Unicorns

Lead Vocals: Agnetha K.
Vocals: Sascha F.  
Drums: Andre N. 
Synthesizer: Andre N. 
Guitar: Sascha F. 

The only song in the constellation that was created out of fun. The first mix is a complete disaster, but at least the band name is certain.


At the same time it is the first as well as the last song. Who knows, maybe a remastered will be created.


01.01.2021: Fire 


Drums: Sascha F.

Guitar: Sascha F. 

Synthesizer: Sascha F. 


Nerd Facts:


Main VSTs: 

Reaper DAW

Perfect Drums + Metal Drums Midi V2

Helix Rack
Ibanez S 
Beyerdynamic DT 770Pro 250 OHM

The first solo song of mine that makes it into the public eye. Intended as a hard vocal track, it was "only" an instrumental track. It was important to me to make it available to other gamers in whole or in part on Twitch.tv.